Genre: Soap
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Available episodes: 8
While Investigating Attic Dannys Revolver Goes Off
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.05.03
Length: 13:14
File Size:3.05 MB
Miss Boothbee Missing Baldwin Acts Strangely
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.05.04
Length: 13:33
File Size:3.12 MB
Linda And Danny Leave Hospital For Greylake
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.05.19
Length: 13:31
File Size:3.11 MB
Danny Has New Assignment And Mosquitoes
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.05.20
Length: 13:59
File Size:3.22 MB
Making Xmas Cards And Printing Plans
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.11.07
Length: 11:59
File Size:2.76 MB
Danny Not Interested In Research Nugent Visits
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.11.08
Length: 13:34
File Size:3.12 MB
Danny Performs Emergency Surgery On Nugent
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.11.29
Length: 13:28
File Size:3.1 MB
Linda Chats With Aunt Sarah Cora Makes Trouble For Linda
Original Broadcast Date: 1949.11.30
Length: 14:02
File Size:3.23 MB

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