Series: Stroke Of Fate
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 9

What If Robert E. Lee Commanded Union Army?
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.10.04
Play Episode - Length: 22:29
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What If The Earl Of Essex Plot Had Succeeded?
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.10.11
Play Episode - Length: 24:47
Download Episode - File Size:5.69 MB
What If Hamilton Had Killed Burr In Duel
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.10.18
Play Episode - Length: 24:28
Download Episode - File Size:5.62 MB
Marie Antoinette Had Escaped Death By The Guillotine
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.10.25
Play Episode - Length: 22:33
Download Episode - File Size:5.18 MB
A Young Abraham Lincoln Had Secured The Job He Wanted In 1841 Consular Service
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.11.01
Play Episode - Length: 24:12
Download Episode - File Size:5.56 MB
If Benedict Arnold's Plot To Betray America Had Succeeded
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.11.08
Play Episode - Length: 4:06
Download Episode - File Size:979.86 KB
If Julius Caesar Had Wed Cleopatra Queen Of Egypt
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.11.15
Play Episode - Length: 9:37
Download Episode - File Size:2.22 MB
France Supresses Germanys Rhineland Invasion
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.11.22
Play Episode - Length: 27:37
Download Episode - File Size:6.34 MB
The Battle Of Quebec Won By Canada
Original Broadcast Date: 1953.11.29
Play Episode - Length: 29:29
Download Episode - File Size:6.76 MB

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